EQ Logistics will remain in Elkhart, IN

EQ United, a leader in the manufacturing of components for RVs, trailers, and specialty markets along with warehousing, regional transport, and logistics services, has officially cut the ribbon on its new headquarters in Cassopolis, Michigan, Tuesday, February 21, 2023.

They consolidated the manufacturing operations, EQ System with EQ Harness, into one 176,000-square-foot facility in Cass County, Michigan just north of U.S. 12 and minutes away from Elkhart, IN (4 miles from the Indiana State Line) in late April of 2022. Now the location will house office, retail, installation space, and manufacturing all under one roof for a total of 193,000-square-foot.

“EQ United and its subsidiary, EQ Systems, are looking forward to our continued growth and expansion by moving our manufacturing operations into Cassopolis, Michigan. We are eager to become a part of the local community and landscape, providing a great place to work and for a strong partnership with the MEDC (Michigan Economic Development Corporation). We are striving for more in-house manufacturing and currently, we are working on doubling our cylinder manufacturing and producing wire harnesses and battery cables for many outside markets. While EQ Logistics, our warehousing and transportation subsidiary will remain at our Indiana campus locations, our “United” company will continue to provide quality products and services to the markets and regions we currently serve and beyond.” – Jason Loose, COO, EQ United.

The new offices are now ready and have been under construction for well over a year and the EQ United Corporate Staff and EQ Systems Office Staff will be starting to move in the week of 2/20. Using an existing building, creative thinking, and determination, it was renovated with 29 offices, open office space for 36, 3 conference rooms, a customer lounge, a lobby, and a large breakroom for both production and office staff that will double as a training/event room.

“The construction of the new EQ United corporate office involved the heavy renovation of over 15,500 square feet of existing buildings. Multiple building projects over the life of the facility made the planning of the renovation challenging with different structure types and roof lines. The plan was solidified to demolish the interior spaces, open some load-bearing walls, put on a new roof, and reskin the exterior to establish and new main public entrance. Construction started in earnest in May 2022 and was completed on February 15, 2023. Open office and hard wall office space bring all of EQ’s office staff under one roof, and the large employee breakroom allows everyone to meet under the same roof. Collaborative workspaces and conference rooms enable creative problem-solving, with multiple break rooms available for employee convenience. Retail customers have a dedicated waiting space with access to a TV and are pet friendly.” – Dustin Miller, Manager of Project Development, DJ Construction.

“We are so excited for this time in our history and are grateful for all the support with this project from DJ Construction, Market Van Buren, MEDC, Cass/Vandalia Chamber, Greater Elkhart Chamber, Edwardsburg Chamber, numerous contractors and vendors, our amazing team and so many others. After a successful rebrand to honor the past owner Jim Sproatt I am sure he is watching over EQ United with a sense of pride and a smile on his face. .” – Rachel Little, Director of Marketing, EQ United.

“Market Van Buren is proud to support the growth of EQ United into the State of Michigan and Cass County. The investment and jobs they are making here will impact the community for generations to come. Without the support of our partners at the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and Mason Township, this project does not get done. This was a true team effort!” Stated Zach Morris, Executive Director of Market Van Buren, Cass, and Van Buren counties economic development organization. 

Founded in Elkhart, IN Days LLC dba EQ United has been providing professional and reliable services and products to its customers for well over 100 years, connected by threads that reach back to its original drayage delivery service with a horse and wagon. EQ United will continue to have strong roots in Elkhart, IN. The EQ Logistics division has three campuses in Indiana. (Reedy Drive, CR3 North, and Philips Street)

To learn more about who we are, please watch this short video:

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About EQ United

EQ Systems, formerly known as Equalizer Systems, has been around since the 1990’s and provides lifting and leveling solutions to the RV, horse trailer, motorsports and custom markets as well as custom wire harnesses for many industries.

EQ Logistics, formerly known as Days Distribution & Logistics, has been around since the 1960’s and provides warehousing, transport services, export and domestic packing and crating services as well as many value-added services such as wood cutting.