Two Decades, a Handshake, and a $200 Million Success: Affiliated Resources and EQ Logistics Rewrite the Rulebook

(Elkhart, 9/27/2023 – In a world of fine print and digital signatures, Affiliated Resources and EQ Logistics embarked on a partnership that harkened back to a time when a handshake sealed the deal and cooperation was the name of the game. Fast forward twenty years, and this partnership has turned their camaraderie into a whopping $200 million success story, proving that a touch of wit and a firm handshake can indeed change the game.

This partnership isn’t just about the balance sheet. It’s about transforming service to an entire industry. From plywood, OSB, and lauan to JIT delivery, Affiliated Resources and EQ Logistics have redefined service to the RV industry. Their secret recipe? It’s equal parts trust, teamwork, integrity, and dedication.

Looking back, no one could have predicted the extent to which this partnership would evolve. What started as a groundbreaking idea for a cut-to-size service has now blossomed into an all-encompassing logistics operation. This strategic alignment between companies has not only revolutionized the way materials are sourced and managed but has also empowered Affiliated Resources to provide value-added services to its customers.

Affiliated Resources and EQ Logistics remain steadfast in their commitment to these timeless values. Their journey serves as an inspiring example of how integrity, cooperation, and a handshake can create a legacy of exceptional achievement and industry-wide impact.

About Affiliated Resources: Affiliated Resources produces our RV products under theDyna-Bilt® Brand. This includes DynaSpan OSB jumbo panels, DynaSlide Slide out floors DynaShield roof panels, import Lauan panels, engineered wood components, and cut-to-size finished parts that are designed and manufactured specifically for the Recreation Vehicle (RV) Industry.

Website: Email: Phone: 503-943-2925

About EQ Logistics: EQ Logistics, formerly known as Days Distribution & Logistics, has been around since the 1960’s and provides warehousing, transport services, export and domestic packing and crating services as well as many value-added services such as wood cutting.

Website: Email: Phone: 866-847-8330